Travelling with The Buzzard: New Digital Artwork

On Tuesday evening the artwork above came together in a trice!  The idea had been wheeling around in my imagination ever since I found the image  of a buzzard  [below] on Public Domain Review.  It’s taken from Birds from The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and The Bahama Islands by Mark Catesby and George Edwards, published in 1754.


I added a photograph of a mountain range to give it some texture…

Mountain Range
© First Night Design

…followed by a map from The Graphics Fairy.

Map of the Earth from The Graphics Fairy

I combined the various images in Photoshop and made several major adjustments to the blending modes,.  Several tweaks, as is my wont, and I had the picture exactly as I had originally envisaged.

Linking to Brag Monday.

Take care and keep laughing!


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