Martin Hübscher: Photographer

Backyard © Martin Hübscher

Photographer Martin Hübscher just happens to be married to one of my dearest friends, actress and blogger Pippa Rathborne, whom regular followers will recognise from those of her  posts which have been re-blogged here.

Pippa Rathborne
Pippa Rathborne © Martin Hübscher

Portraits, weddings and events are Martin’s stock-in-trade but leave him to his own devices and he comes up with some lovely black & white shots from the tiny detail [see There’s No Use Crying below] to the larger [see Backyard above].

There's No Use Crying
There’s No Use Crying © Martin Hübscher

Dunorlan ParkDunorlan Park © Martin Hübscher

With thanks to Martin Hübscher for allowing me to publish his photographs on First Night Design.

Take care and keep laughing!



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