At this time of year, everyone compiles lists: top ten books of 2012, top fifty news events, top twenty films – you get my drift.  Well, I thought I’d post favourites from my portfolio created during the last year or two, those of which I am most proud. I’ve strayed into 2011 because the first four months of 2012 were interrupted by – yes, you’ve guessed why if you’re a regular reader – the hip replacement operation.

I’m blowing my own trumpet, something I never felt comfortable doing when I was an actress, nor when I began as an artist.  However, support from the online artistic community has been quite, quite extraordinary and given me a confidence I never envisaged.  The necessity, also, of endlessly marketing and promoting through social media has meant that I have had to stop being so modest and  nip my  retiring-wallflower behaviour in the bud!  It is a joy to me that digital art has become such an accepted medium.  Having said that, if I did not have my particular disabling condition, I would be working with paint and canvas and pen and ink.  In another life, perhaps.

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If I had to choose only one, it would probably be Through a Glass Darkly.  What’s your favourite?  Do tell!

Merry, Happy and Peaceful Holidays!  I wish you all a great year ahead and thank you very much for following  my random posts on everything from art and design to theatre, history and food.

Take care and keep laughing!