First Night Freebies: Textures & Backgrounds

First Night Freebies

When I started this blog, I intended posting free images for artists and crafters.   Well, what with the broken femur, family complications and much else besides, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to search my archives and pull out some of the good stuff!

Please note that although these images are free to use, some rights are reserved.  While you may include them as part of any digital or handmade creation, they cannot be sold ‘as is’ and passed off as your own, or put together as collection of textures.  If you use the images in your work,  please provide a link back to the image.  Much thanks.

Orange Swirls
Orange Swirls © First Night Design—Some Rights Reserved
Green Paper 1
Green Paper 1 © First Night Design—Some Rights Reserved
Rock Wall 1
Rock Wall 1 © First Night Design—Some Rights Reserved

I would love to see how you use them, so do please add a comment below with a link to your original piece.  Thank you!

Take care and keep laughing.

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