I’m delighted that from 7th August until 3rd September there will be five of my works showing on a digital slideshow at the Union Gallery during the Edinburgh Festival.  This is courtesy of the enterprising Canadian-born, Scotland-based artist Trevor Jones who set up this project so that artists worldwide could show their work.


Here are the five pictures I decided upon and what a difficult choice it was!  I asked friends, some of them artists, some not, to give me their favourites and then made my selection.


Romance in Stone

Romance in Stone © Sarah Vernon


Through a Glass Darkly

Through a Glass Darkly © Sarah Vernon


The Crane

The Crane © Sarah Vernon


Cubist Shutters, Doors & Windows

Cubist Shutters, Doors & Windows © Sarah Vernon



Lucia © Sarah Vernon


To see all the artists exhibiting at the Union Gallery via the digital slideshow visit Mark of Beauty.


Take care and keep laughing.