At the Circus

I have always adored the ephemera that attaches to the Circus.  I have never, mind you, enjoyed visits to the ring – in my childhood I found them boring or hated the way they treated the animals, and the slapstick never made me laugh – but give me an old ticket stub or the image of a clown and I’m yours for life!

This collage comprises a mixture of elements, some from my own collection (textured background and boy pierrot), a couple from The Graphics Fairy (lady on horse and cyclist) and a couple from Wikimedia (circus poster and aerialists).

At the Circus

As always, I love hearing from you and always appreciate your comments on my work.

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14 August 2012 update: Now available on my Zazzle store.

Take care and keep laughing.


17 thoughts on “At the Circus

    1. Lovely to see you here, Karen, and I’m delighted you like this so much! We must have been separated at birth – I’ve just seen your comment on your latest image about the word ‘Xmas’! I’ve never been fond of the word ‘Santa’, either!!


  1. Such a gorgeous collage… I just adore that man on the bike! I bet those are hard to ride, and there he is with his feet up, loving life. You’ve captured the circus very well!


  2. This is a fun collage! I love circus images too! I do have to admit that I hate clowns in general though to me they are very scary! yikes!!! You always do such wonderful work, can’t wait to see the next post : )


  3. That is a wonderful collage, very beautifully done. There’s just something about circus ephemera that takes over the imagination, Thanks for visiting!


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