The design for both The Witch’s Cat and The Tree was created in a similar way to the Thanksgiving card featured in the previous post.  In other words, I used a fairly ordinary photograph of a tree that I took at my local park in Richmond, Surrey, and added several different textures.  And, of course, I did my usual experiments with blending states in Photoshop.

The TreeThe Tree

The finished image as above stands alone and is being sold on RedBubble.

For the Halloween version, The Witch’s Cat, I simply added an arched black cat, as above,  from the redoubtable Graphics Fairy.

I am in the process of uploading it onto products at Zazzle.  Of all the products available at Zazzle, I love adding my designs to the Avery binders.  I’m not sure why it excites me so much but here is The Witch’s Cat binder.

The Witch’s Cat

Take care and keep laughing.