When Everything is Gone

Today I have been thinking a great deal about loss. While news and images of natural and man-made disasters continue to bombard us on every front and show worldwide misery and heartache, I have friends whose own loss has also had me in tears. While it was not an earthquake followed by a tsunami that caused their current circumstances, nor an arrogant, trigger-happy dictator, the effect on their happiness and well-being has been no less devastating.

An explosion ripped through their house and burnt it to the ground. They have lost everything. Like so many of us around the world, they were too poor to afford insurance so that they really have lost it all.

What do you say, how do you show your support so that it really means something? I don’t live anywhere near them so can give no practical support.  Words and pictures are my only means.

Browsing through First Night designs, I chose to send them one of my Oseille des Prés cards, followed by my adaptation of August Macke’s Turkish Cafe I, Penguin Cafe, to raise a smile! Laughter is the best medicine I’ve found for all ills.  Mark Twain knew whereof he spoke when he said, “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”

Take care and keep laughing,


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